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Broken Window of Opportunity

Waiting to pay for my poodle at the local dog day care center, I browsed the counter as the clerk signed in Molly.  A sign declared: “We close at noon on Wednesday, New Year’s Eve.  We will be closed on Thursday, New Year’s Day.”  I re-read and calibrated.  I felt pretty sure that New Year’s Eve fell on Thursday and New Year’s Day on Friday.  I looked at the woman behind the desk, as she printed out my receipt.  I had not seen her before: she was not one of the regulars with whom I interact at least once a week.  I thought that maybe I could mention that the sign could be incorrect.  I wasn’t certain, but I was pretty sure.  It might be worth bringing up.  I decided it wasn’t my problem or responsibility, took my receipt, and wished the woman a good day on the way out the screen door.

A moment.  A window of opportunity.  One small gesture, a small action that might have saved some bit (or a large amount) of confusion and inconvenience.  I opted out.  There is so much talk about the fact that the problems we face in the world seem so big and far away.  “What can I do?”  “What power do I have?”  I have suggested, “Take care of your own world first.”  “Take responsibility.”  I failed to do it.  I took no responsibility.  I had a chance and I moved away.  This is not the way in which I help the world and those around me.  I blew it.  And I saw it.  I will try to do better next time.


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