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No Separate Trump

[photo by Mike Blank]

I saw a celebrity on television say that he lives in the same building in New York as Donald Trump.  This person said when he runs into Trump around the building, Trump is invariably friendly, humble, and considerate, never bringing attention to himself, always concerned about the other person.  Recently, some reputable friend of Trump’s told him to knock off the bullshit.  This prima facie evidence leads me to infer that Donald Trump is faking on some deep level, either as a decent person or as an aspiring demagogue and hate monger.

No matter what brand of cynicism Donald Trump practices, he is no other than me.  I accept him as a human being, a unique manifestation of the life force, of the Universe, of God.  I can condemn his behavior and act in opposition to what he puts forth, but I cannot separate.  Separation is the most painful and harmful of delusions, and separation is exactly what Trump preaches.


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