Buddhism, Zen, Zen practice

The Unpainful Truth

I have to admit that I’m getting older.  Okay, I’m old.  I have to accept that.  As Buddha said, aging is painful.  So, he said, is birth, illness, and death.

The question is, why?  Do these things that happen to us naturally in life have to be painful?

Getting older feels hard when we resist.  We want it to be something other than what it is.  Either we think back to when we were younger, or we get fearful about being too old, and getting sick, and then dying.

In Zen, we practice wisdom.  Wisdom involves realizing the truth. The paramita, sacca, means truth.  Truth is a perfection that we practice.  Truth is the nature of things as they are.  We live in accord with the way things are.  When we are young, we live fully young.  When we are old, we live fully old.

The truth of the moment, exactly as it is, right in front of us, moment after moment.  This is how we accept these changes in life without it being painful.




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