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Rocks or Roses

Whether people throw rocks or roses at us, we don’t pick them up.  Some wise person said that.  It means that whether people praise us or criticize us, we don’t take it too seriously.  We stay calm and level headed.  We practice equanimity.  From Latin, aequus, which means level, even, or equal.  And from animus, which means mind or spirit.  Even spirit.  We keep a level mind.  We don’t lean too far to either side when we are happy or sad.  We get happy and sad, but we don’t go off the deep end either way.

Equanimity is one of the most important practices in Buddhism.  It is a practice that we work to perfect.  Equanimity purifies our mind of anger, greed, and delusion.  It helps us stay steady when things are always changing, such as sorrow and happiness, and rocks and roses.  Equanimity helps us with meditation, as meditation helps us develop equanimity.  It is essential in helping us to realize our true nature, who we truly are in this life.

But equanimity is not all about us.  It’s about living in this world with a free and peaceful mind.  With equanimity, we care about ourselves and everybody else.  We are kindness.  We are compassion.  And we wish everybody, including ourselves, joy.


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