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Eat a Dog!

I love Costco hot dogs!  They are delicious.  Sometimes, when I walk by the snack bar window at the store, I smell them, and I want to eat one.  There is nothing much worse for my health than to eat a Costco hot dog (processed meat, fat, calories, sodium–heart disease and diabetes).

Sometimes when I walk by the window, I smell and eat one. Sometimes, I smell and walk away.

I know that when I walk by the Costco snack bar and smell the hot dogs, I become conscious of them and either I feel the desire to eat one or I don’t.  I notice that happening. I know that the desire to eat a hot dog comes from my mind, through my nose and my sense of smell. The sensation through my mind creates the desire, the craving.

Because I am aware of how desire comes up or does not come up, I can be mindful of the present moment without these desires, and other hindrances, such as anger, aggression and aversion, restlessness and anxiety, laziness and lethargy, and doubt, taking me out of the moment.

The more time I spend uninhibited, present in the moment, the freer I am and the happier I feel.


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