Buddhism, Mindfulness, Zen, Zen practice

Flames of Truth

After the new bullish President portended profits, I decided to invest in the stock market. I withdrew savings and researched hot stocks.  A massive defense contractor was on the list. The new President also promised to grow the military.  I logged into my brokerage house and made the buy. 

I had pangs of conscience.  As a peacemaker, how could I invest in the war machine?  I practice Buddha’s Eightfold Path.  Complete and harmonious livelihood revolves around not engaging in, or supporting, the killing of living beings. 

I rationalized my actions by thinking that it was for my family.  Not everything the company marketed supported military action.  I am small potatoes:  what difference could I make in the large scheme of things?  I let the deal unfold, despite my misgivings.

Within a week, I got word from my broker that I inadvertently had failed to transfer funds from my bank account to the brokerage account.  The buy fell through. 

A wise man once said that when we take the path of truth, everything in our life that is false and inauthentic bursts into flames in front of our eyes.  That happened to me, when I took a crooked step on the path


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