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Four Eight




FOUR Noble Truths

Noble EIGHT-fold Path

FOUR Noble Truths

What does noble mean?  It means decent, respected, ethical, known for doing what’s right for everyone.

The noble ones are those on the Path that Buddha described.






FOUR Noble Truths

Number One is the Truth of suffering.  Everybody believes that life is hard.  We have problems, stress in our lives.

Truth Number Two:  We feel that life is hard and stressful because we reach for things we want, hold on to things we like, and push away things we don’t like.

Truth Number Three:  We can be free.  Our lives do not have to be hard.  We do not have to feel this constant stress of holding on and pushing away.  This freedom is called nirvana.  This is Buddha’s gift.

Truth Number Four:  The way to nirvana is The Noble Eightfold Path






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