Buddhism, Zen, Zen practice

The Intention to Not Hurt

I do not like to kill cockroaches.  I try to not kill them, because I know that they have a life, too, just like me.  They have the same life.  They deserve to live as much as I do.  My intention–what I want to do, what I plan to do–is never to kill another cockroach.  But when they come into my house, I do spray them with poison, because they carry germs and bacteria that could make me, or my wife or my dog sick.  My intention stays never wanting to kill a cockroach.  If I keep that intention, then I might look for other ways to keep cockroaches away.  I could pick them up, in my hand or in a jar, and put them outside.  So, my good intention can make me act in a better way.

Buddha called our not wanting, and trying not to, hurt anyone or anything right, or wise intention.


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